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Dec 04 2018
His OnlyFans Prevents Suicide + Pulse Survivor Promotes Gay Conversion + Reality Star Strips + Kanye Disrupts THE CHER SHOW + Killer Tail + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Some of my CHULO shots, collected.

BELOW: Keep reading for the guy whose OnlyFans porn helps prevent suicide, the Pulse survivor who needs to watch Boy Erased, a killer tail washed ashore and more ...

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.28.16 AM(Image via Dave Marshall/Instagram)

ONLYFANS: This Insta-stud has started posting homemade gay porn — and the money he raises on OnlyFans goes to suicide prevention, in honor of his father, who recently killed himself. It's an odd tribute, but the money is green and nobody's getting hurt except a bunch of guys' points of entry. More power-bottom to him.

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KENNETH IN THE (212): Tennis-themed homoerotica. (Or, if you have zaddy issues ...)

WUFT: Angel Colon survived the Pulse shooting, only to throw his support behind what is being called disguised conversion therapy. God, these people are so warped in the brain. Their families and their families' religion has truly made them incapable of realizing they don't need God, they need to love being gay.

TOWLEROAD: Ryan Murphy has announced a big-bucks initiative to vote out anti-LGBTQ politicians. Jan_Sokolowsky_01

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): This foreign reality star has so much ink it's hard to think! And he seems to be a happy nudist.

NYT: George H.W. Bush was a velvet-gloved asshole. Yeah, he had a gentlemanly way, but don't forget his inaction on HIV/AIDS, his Gulf War excursion that led to Osama bin Laden and for sure don't forget Willie Horton.

DLISTED: Some 69-year-old A-hole who feels 49 wanted to legally change his age to 49 in an obvious usurping of the real struggle trans people go through. It's not the same. The Dutch courts agreed, and turned him down.

POLITICO: Sex pig Jeffrey Epstein has settled a suit in order to avoid having victims testify. Wow.

OUTSPORTS: How a straight guy's marriage relates to gay marriage in general.

DAILY BEAST: Kanye West was called out in real time on social media for rudely being on his phone throughout the opening-night performance of The Cher Show — by one of the actors onstage!

Kanye later tweeted a fake apology gushing about the show being a “masterpiece” (come on, now), but his tacky fans all defended the behavior and attacked the actor for daring to call him out.

WORLD OF WONDER: Steven Love Menendez is giving you a chance to stuff some stockings with things that would be more appreciated than socks and handkerchiefs.

Screen-Shot-2018-12-03-at-10.21.02-AMI love Love's work. (Image by Steven Love Menendez)

PEOPLE: Nick & Priyanka are going full-on, providing People Magazine with a cover and exclusive photos of what looks to have been a one-of-a-kind wedding.

UnknownThey did. (Image via People Magazine)