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Dec 21 2018
Shangela Will Be Your Marilyn Monroe — If She Has To Comments (0)

UnnamedGams, glam (Image via Gay Times)

Shangela graces one of the Gay Times January 2019 covers — and is spilling the beans on working with Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born ...

Speaking with queer auteur Lena Waithe, Shangela says of that fun ASIB appearance:

Well, originally, I didn’t go in for the audition because they were casting for a drag queen Marilyn Monroe impersonator. I felt like no matter how much time I spent out of the sun, I ain’t gonna look like Marilyn Monroe. So I ended up not going in. The next thing I know I’ve got an email from Gaga’s manager and he said: “LG has heard that you are not going to the audition, she really wants to see you in this role and think you’d be a good fit. Are you not planning to come in?” I was like, “Oh, honey, if LG is asking...” I found the nearest blonde wig and white dress, and put me on a little beauty mole, got in there and sang “I Wanna Be Loved by You” by Marilyn, but didn’t get the role. Actually when I left I got a call from my agent and he said, “You didn’t get the drag queen role,” that actually ended up being an Etta James [impersonator]. However, they liked my personality so much they offered me a larger role with more dialogue as Gaga’s drag mother and the bar owner.
More in the issue — pre-orders available now.