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Dec 17 2018
How You Doin', The David? + 50 Turning 80 + Big Man, Little Speedo + Tech Tycoon Dies + Trump Is DONE + MLVC60 Is Here + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Shame his assets are underwater.

BELOW: Sizing up The David, Trump's goose is cooked, death of a tech tycoon and more ...

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 9.33.02 PMSome of the opinions come up short. (Image via Vulture)

WORLD OF WONDER: These reactions to The David are funny or depressing or charming — your call!

GR8ERDAYS: Over 50 stars who will turn 80 in 2019!

KENNETH IN THE (212): Big boy, li'l Speedo.

PEOPLE: Photographer and best-selling author Gray Malin and his hubby are celebrating their new parenthood!

EXTRATV: Colin Kroll, Vine co-founder and current CEO of Trivia HQ, was found dead of an apparent drug overdose early Sunday. He was 35.

NBC NEWS: Well, at least 62% of America isn't stupid.

NATIONAL REVIEW: So, this is me linking to the National Review for the first and last time, but it's worth it, because it's a short 'n' sobering piece directed at right-wingers to tell them the jig is up for Trump:

Campaign-finance law is constructed from the ground up to require candidate transparency and guard against corruption. Thus, it is purposefully very hard for candidates to find a way to legally and quietly use substantial sums of money to cover up dirty deeds. In his essay, Smith argues, “Indeed, it is quite probable that many of those now baying for Trump’s scalp for illegal campaign contributions would be leading a charge to prosecute Trump for illegal ‘personal use’ of campaign funds had he made the payments from his campaign treasury.”

TWITTER: More real talk, this from Donny Deutsch, on how deep Trump is into the shit pile:

NYT: Singaporeans are pushing for an end to their country's ban on gay sex. Cgac250_custom-5bb4480ad64f248b664f0f5568e014226cb1f714-s800-c85

NPR: A historical look at the end of raids on Cherry Grove on Fire Island, a gay mecca, back in '68. One point from the piece:

It may be hard to fathom today but, back in the 1960s, being outed could cost gay men and lesbians their jobs.

Uh, except it's still legal in much of the U.S. — see here.

TWITTER: SNL's rapid-fire celebrity-impersonation digital short ended with a hilarious bit — Ellen DeGeneres (Kate McKinnon) knocking Kevin Hart's homophobia:

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MLVC60_Cover_080518-2The book is selling well — thank you! (Image via Boy Culture, LLC.)