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Dec 07 2018
Twink-To-Bear Transformation + LES DIEUX DU STADE Is Back + Globes Banter + Trump vs. Tillerson + Madonna By Warhol + Rick Perry's Manhood + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: That is talent.

BELOW: Keep reading for the twink-to-bear transformation of all time, Trump's war of words with Tillerman, Ariana Grande's blackness and more ...

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 6.08.04 PMBefore and after —yes, in order! (Image via Twitter @Cubby_84)

GAY STAR NEWS: Dusty Fuller's before-and-after body transformation photos are causing a lot of commentary — he intentionally went from taut twink (okay, otter) to full bear in ive years, gaining 100 lbs. — and he loves it. Commenters are split between trashing him for the disregard he's showing for his health and praising him for being himself. Is there no middle ground? Ultimately, it's his choice, and I must say that the comments section at the link is filled Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 6.29.36 PMwith ignorant opinions. I'm uncomfortable looking at this change, but am smart enough to know why, and not to knock the guy. When I was young, I also felt like a hot guy who came out as trans and had SRS was a waste; we need to get past our biases, whether those are anti-fat or “hairless twinks aren't real mennnn!”

ONLYFANS: He looks better in my leather jacket than I do, but those are NOT my mesh briefs. Subscribe to me here. Wanna set up your own OnlyFans? Please use this referral link.

Dieux-stade-2019Angels with dirty bodies (Image via Les Dieux du Stade)

BOSGUY: Time for another edition of Les Dieux du Stade, the calendar you love to love. Widows-no

THE JOHNNY LOPEZ: How Nicole Kidman received a Golden Globe nomination but still got snubbed.

THE FILM EXPERIENCE: Fun banter about the Globes, their poor taste, their category fraud and what they got right.

SALON: Tillerson confirms he called Trump a moron, Trump calls him stupid back. Thanks again, LGBTQ Trump supporters, this is our life now.

CBS NEWS: James Rackover, the murderer of Joseph Comunale, was given the maximum sentence — 28 and 2/3 years to life in prison. Comunale was beaten, stabbed, partly dismembered and buried in a shallow grave.

GR8ERDAYS: Amazing, unseen pics of Madonna in '84 and '85 by Andy Warhol. Also fun, today was the birth anniversary of a sexy Robin:

NYDN: Someone — another cop — probably left a water bottle with semen in it on the desk of a 15-year female veteran cop. At least Trump has choices for his inevitable third SCOTUS nominee.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Adam Rippon was among the celebs at the GQ Men of the Year bash.

WORLD OF WONDER: Wow. Just wow. A book from 2012 details the rumors that Rick Perry is gay, and comes up with such info as how small his penis is, and how bad a gay lay he is. It didn't win a National Book Award.

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Patti LaBelle claims Ariana Grande is a white black girl, so you can't disagree.