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Jan 26 2019
Brazilian Minister Of Human Rights, Family & Women Is Anti-Feminist, Anti-Gay, Anti-Trans, Thinks Dutch People Masturbate Their Kids Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 9.50.37 AMDamares Alves (Image via video still)

As terrible as things are in the U.S., Brazil's got it worse — their new president, Jair Bolsonaro, is an insane religious zealot who despises gay people, and his newly-installed Minister of Human Rights, Family & Women, Damares Alves, is even nuttier ...

Alves is a far-right Evangelical who believes women exist to be mothers (she has never given birth, only adopted one child) and wants abortion (already illegal in almost every case in Brazil) to vanish. She is anti-feminist to the extreme, and hates LGBTQ people, singling out transgender folks by saying Brazil will now teach boys to be princes and girls to be princesses — period.

Perhaps her weirdest belief is that Dutch scientists encourage their citizenry to masturbate their infants:

Sending love and support to Brazilians, where already trans murders are on the rise, and why wouldn't they become more common still with people like this in the mainstream?

Not a Glenn Greenwald fan, but in this piece, he details how a scandal enveloping Bolsonaro has become a threat to his brand-new grip on power — evidence his family is killing opponents has led Brazil's most high-profile LGBTQ politician to flee the country rather than assuming the seat to which he was just re-elected. Insanity.