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Jan 03 2019
Madonna Addresses Bootygate: DESPERATELY SEEKING NO ONE'S APPROVAL Comments (0)

Damn straight. Those (alleged) fans who are taking potshots at her over her enlarged ass (it's been big for a few years, guys) are acting like she's their chosen political candidate who just got caught in bed with a live girl AND a dead boy. Get over it. It's insubstantial. Madonna could reverse all her fillers, go gray, have a butt reduction and stop wearing making and that would get boos and hisses, too. She is not a team player, she's a team leader. You are under no obligation to love everything she does unreservedly, but insults reveal more about you than about her.

I think, ultimately, Madonna's fans are more conservative than she is, in that as fans they (sometimes, we) want traditional things like awards and raves in Rolling Stone and the comfort of a victory lap. But she's done it all and is just doing whatever pleases her. She's not an oldies act, she's not going to stay in her lane, and frankly, I think a lot of her antics on social media are going way over people's heads in that I find it very self-deprecating — reminiscent of when she was speaking (at Stonewall ... about gay rights ... recall?) the other night and turned to her son before saying he was probably embarrassed of her. She knows she is 60 and not a 25-year-old latest-and-greatest trend-setter, and she does and says goofy things to play off of that.

As far as cosmetic enhancements, she wants to look and feel good like anyone else, and unless you're smashing her cakes, your vote doesn't count.