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Jan 17 2019
Ukrainian Soldier Comes Out + New Madonna Movie + Matthew Camp Wrecks Chris Crocker + Ross Mathews Has A Hot Piece + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Because The Wizard of Oz is 80 this year.

BELOW: Gay Ukrainian soldier, new Madonna movie, Ross Mathews has an expensive-looking hot piece, Cardi B is fed up with Trump and more ...


Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.44.13 PMIf you thought your coming-out was hard ... (Image via BBC)

BBC NEWS: Ukrainian soldier becomes the first to come out as gay. 50324201_10158080312757067_1205038909814210560_n

VARIETY: Madonna and the Breakfast Club is coming out March 12!

THE HILL: Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-New York) is arguing that Tulsi Gabbard shouldn't be pilloried for her recent-past anti-gay views, crediting her with evolving.

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Matthew Camp wrecked “that Leave Britney Alone pussy” of Chris Crocker's. Not sure anyone wanted this?

INSTINCT: Ross Mathews is newly single, so of course he immediately has a new BF who looks like this:

Copy of Copy of Copy of 1200px x 630px – Untitled Design (10)Love comes quickly. (Images via social media)

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Nationwide, there is a dearth of LGBTQ monuments, so this writer is urging that Philly's Walt Whitman Bridge be painted rainbow colors. Thoughts, thots?

TWITTER: Cardi B gives a piece of her mind — and zero fucks — to Trump about the shutdown:

JUST JARED: Burger King grills Trump over “hamburgers” misspelling.

TWITTER: Dustin Lance Black wants to remind you he has an Oscar. And true love. And a kid.

ABC NEWS: Hoping to mute any gossip that he is being blackmailed over (gay) sexual kinks, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R- South Carolina) offered his most stinging criticism of his buddy Trump in a year or more, stating that Trump's comments on pulling out of Syria are emboldening ISIS.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Tennis pro sweats through his white shorts.

THE FILM EXPERIENCE: Here are the movies that will be nominated for Best Picture Oscars this month.