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Jan 31 2019
Out Candidate Pete Buttigieg On Whether America Is Ready For A Gay POTUS Comments (0)

Pete-buttigieg-mayor-south-bend-inButtigieg points out he was elected with 80% of the vote after coming out. (Image via headshot)

Pete Buttigieg, the out gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, visited The View today, answering the #1 question on people's minds now that he is a declared candidate for president:

What I think is that there are certainly people who would not vote for a gay man for president, but most of them probably wouldn't vote for many Democrats anyway. Some would, though, so I can see how his sexual orientation could be a small drag on the vote.

That said, he is a very diligent and serious candidate — unlike snake-oil saleswoman Marianne Williamson, GMAFB — and he could find himself being courted to be someone's VP. Perhaps for Kamala or Biden.