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Jan 11 2019
OUT ON STAGE: Queer Comics Take A Stand Comments (0)

RDi0eSASJared's never had a relationship?! I'm hereby asking him out! (Image via Dekkoo)

OUT on Stage: The Series is a new, diverse, all-queer stand-up series coming January 17 to Dekoo. Hosted by Zach Noe Towers, the shows episodes each feature three queer comics. Fhqtwy6E

Of the show, Towers (pictured inset below) says:

I don't think comedy is an easy field for anyone, but it can sometimes be especially difficult for those of us with unique, diverse voices. We're a much smaller percentage of the population, stage time can be harder to come by, and oftentimes audiences aren't as willing to give us a chance. O6UwGODD

Not so here, where we are a captive audience — but if you confine yourself, you won't regret it. Hire someone else to clean your apartment and just soak up the funny.

I found Episode 1 hilarious, especially the humble-bragging self-deprecation of Jared Goldstein, who said he knows he's feminine-presenting and could transition in “eight to 10 business days” if he had to.

ZnKa_A6cKyle Shire had great material about not coming off as gay.

If you're not sure about Dekkoo, it's the premiere subscription streaming service dedicated to gay men. It's got a lot of gay content, including the series Feral, Love Is Blind and I'm Fine. Check it out HERE.

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