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Jan 13 2019
Furry Wrestler + Zac Stays Hard, Goes Blond + Spanish Actor's Full-Frontal Role + Bombing Iran? + Kamala On The Wall + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This old thing?

BELOW: Hot-as-hell wrestler, Golden Girls man-niversary, art world divorce and more ...

Bestofthebest16webmatch_DavidStarrA resident of the mat-packing district (Image via Combat Zone Wrestling)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Wrestler David Starr is hot, hairy, a show-off and the camera loves him. Put a ring around him. (If you like 'em furry, you'll like this one, too.)

COCKTAILS AND COCKTALK: Zac Efron has gone blond, but his mercilessly tight body isn't going anywhere as he frolics in Mexico with a bubblebutted bro. Gigantes720p_101_descargas2020.mkv_snapshot_00.23.602-780x439

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Spanish actor Daniel Grao goes full-frontal.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Heinous John Bolton asked  the Pentagon for guidance on how Trump could bomb Iran last year. Don't ever strike out the possibility that Trump will do something calamitous like this — or worse — as he continues to be backed into a corner from which there are few, if any, other escapes.

TWITTER: 28 years ago tonight, Blanche's brother Clayton planned his commitment ceremony, a very early mainstream look at gay marriage on TV:

HUFF POST: “Dapper white nationalist” Richard Spencer stands credibly accused of beating his wife — a Russian (why are they always so into Russia?). Darkly humorous passage from the exposé:

“I didn’t understand the nuances of American politics,” she says now. “I knew he was conservative, but…”

I know what she means. In 2005, I married a libertarian and in 2018, I divorced a Trump supporter.

The move was slow. Like boiling a frog in water. By the time the frog realizes what’s happening, he’s holding a Tiki torch.

CHARLIE: 75% off on hot clothes while supplies last.

UnnamedThe tail to end all sales. (Image via Charlie by MZ)

GR8ERDAYS: Near Burbank? Don't miss the all-day Laverne & Shirley marathon, featuring Cindy Williams in person. The day is a tribute to the late Penny Marshall, whose favorite episodes will be screened.

NYT: Libbie and David Mugrabi are divorcing, putting their Warhols and Koonses at play. Libbie opens up about not being able to survive on $200K. Per month. The eventually-to-be-ex-wife also mentions that she loves court. All this because the husband went skinny-dipping with a drugged-out party guest and got caught. No prenup. No sympathy.

WOW: I thought Gaga's safe apology would close the R. Kelly matter, but I didn't anticipate R. Kelly's lawyer clapping back. It feels like her apology has struck some people as opportunistic (she did wait until Oscar voting was happening, which may have been a calculation or not, but the sentiment seems sincere). R. Kelly's lawyer saying she disavowed him to help her at the Oscars isn't going to be welcome news for her team.

ABC NEWS: Kamala Harris is still too smart for the room and holds back in not saying, “Trump is a goddamned liar!” but instead using words like “propaganda,” “veracity,” etc. But her tone is right, and I love, “That wall ain't gonna stop them!” at the end. She might be my favorite of the bunch so far:

THE TENNESSEAN: Author Greg Howard is telling the story of a young boy in the Deep South who discovers he's gay while dealing with the loss of his mom:



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