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Jan 05 2019
Landi Lover + Thigh Masters + Dad Of Gay Kid Hits Jackpot + Madonna Claps Back + Warren On That DNA Test + Lemon Sours On Kevin Hart + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Fun with anamorphic sculptures.

BELOW: Keep reading for Madonna, Mariah, Alex Landi and much more ...

305_Social_Alex_Landi_smallLandi is proud of his show's diversity. (Image via Attitude)

ATTITUDE: Alex Landi hopes his gay Grey's Anatomy character can change minds. You had me at “Alex Landi.”

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 3.59.55 PMStrong examples (Images via video still)

MEAT MARKET BLOG: Get ready for the 25 fittest men on the Internet:

Did they lie?

Jackremmington-750xSlots of good advice (Image via Twitter)

ADVOCATE: An Arkansan dad reached out to two men he met playing a Mariah Carey slot machine in Las Vegas, shyly asking for advice on how to navigate what he thought might be his 13-year-old's queerness. This is easily the nicest story about Mariah Carey in existence, including private family stories of hers that she's never shared. P.S. Mariah wants you to APPFinal33-300x217remember she can rock a bikini, too.

TRUTH WINS OUT: Apple removes ex-gay app from store.

EXTRATV: Madonna is clapping back at her haters in a very Madonna way. Have we forgotten, “I'm not ashamed!”??? P.S. Here comes MadonnathonNYC's first 2019 bash.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 3.38.23 PMRecall: This is NYE 2019, not 1920. (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Nauseating Twitter thread reveals how one poooor straight slob accidentally went to a queer NYE party and had to see men kissing! (Aims for fainting couch.)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Super stache!

FRIENDLY ATHEIST: Anti-gay pastor booted for using hookers, drugs and gambling.

PINK NEWS: New nightmare to worry about: A random stranger stole a gay couple's online pics and used them to promote pedophilia.

POLITICO: Elizabeth Warren talks about her decision to go public with a DNA test. Amazing that the press is so fixated on this, but outrageous, history-making scandals are happening daily in the Trump White House.

VULTURE: CNN's Don Lemon can't find Kevin Hart's alleged past apologies, either. In a heartfelt piece, he talks about the whole Hart brouhaha and explains why it affects so many LGBTQ people even as so many straight people (and some gay people) tell us to get over it:

Hart didn't exactly take Lemon's words to heart.

LIFESITE: New Canadian coin will commemorate decriminalization of gay sex. Bet your bottom dollar!