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Feb 01 2019
Calendar Cat Vanishes In Freezing-Cold NYC Comments (0)

Ny-1548978331-lpszf1gj5k-snap-imageWhere was the Dalmatian when the cat went missing? (Image via handout)

I wish this hot picture didn't have a sad story attached, but it does — have you seen Big Sexy? ...

Big Sexy, the gorgeous, long-haired black pussy wrapped around the hunky firefighter's shoulders for a 2020 charity beefcake calendar, got spooked during the shoot and hid in the firehouse, apparently slipping out somehow.

Now that the weather is so horrific in NYC — single-digit temps, below-zero wind chills — the cat's owner is desperate for someone to come forward with any info on where the kitty might be.

Hope they can locate the cat, but after walking my dogs for even a few minutes in this, I don't see how many strays/lost animals could survive outdoors for long, unless they found shelter of some kind.

h/t NYDN