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Feb 26 2019
Electric Youth: Joey Mills Appears At Strand Bookstore To Promote ELECTRIC SOUL Comments (0)

IMG_0710***** copy_newGenet rights (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Helix star Joey Mills made a splash in NYC at the legendary Strand Bookstore, Electricsoul-3d-blogheader-810x714appearing Monday night with author Taylor Saracen. Her book Electric Soul (the third in her Rise Up LGBTQ youth series) is based on Joey's pre-porn life — and the two told a rapt audience it's about half true and half imagined.

The pair chatted about how they collaborated, and Joey offered tidbits about his life in Missouri, his relationship with his parents, and said the warm reception was one of the nicest things that's ever happened to him.

IMG_0796***** copy_newStacked

Afterward, a long line of fans waited to meet the dynamic duo, and Joey indulged everyone with selfies, autographs, hugs and — in one case — a kiss.

It pays to ask!

Check out my pics:

IMG_0608*****_newJust being Joey

IMG_0616*****_newPreparing to read y'all

IMG_0645*****_newWith Cameron from his publisher (13Red Media) and author Taylor Saracen

IMG_0672******_newHaving fun with it


IMG_0748*****_newCharlie's Devils

IMG_0770*****_newTelling the 13Red video camera how touched he was by the turnout

IMG_0786*****_newA kiss before signing

IMG_0807*****_newBedtime stories with Mike

IMG_0833*****_newDream team

I was busy shooting, but here's a taste of the Q&A:

You can catch the book tour March 3 in Santa Monica, March 23 in Chicago and March 24 in Fenton, Missouri — just visit Helix for updates.

IMG_0841*****_newParting shot. (He can really turn on the brand, no?)