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Feb 16 2019
According To CNN Sources, Police Believe Jussie Smollett Attack Was ORCHESTRATED Comments (0)

Jussie-smollettI've been torched on social media for respectfully pointing out inconsistences in Empire star Jussie Smollett's story of allegedly being attacked January 29 in Chicago, unfriended by a trans woman who bizarrely concluded that supporting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford meant we have to believe every alleged victim always, and informed by intellligent people who should know better that if someone says they're a victim, they are — no proof needed.

UPDATE: Smollett Vehemently Denies Involvement

Now comes word that many in gay media have known was coming for some time and dreaded — an avalanche of information (some on the record from police, some from unnamed police sources) — that Jussie Smollett likely orchestrated his own fake hate-crime attack.

What is known and on the record:

The two Nigerian men, brothers, who were positively IDed as the persons of interest on video filmed in the area of the attack were arrested by Chicago police and held from Wednesday until Friday, but never charged.

They were considered persons of interests, then suspects.

The men were friendly with Smollett; one had appeared on Empire in a small capacity, they had worked out with him and one posted a video of himself working out to Smollett's music in his building. Also, Smollett followed the brothers on Instagram.

Police have confirmed, on the record, that information the men provided them has “changed the trajectory of the investigation,” and that they want to re-interview Jussie.

What has been reported via CNN's unnamed sources and other unnamed within the police department: Cops think Smollett hired the men — paying them $3,500 before they left for Nigeria, and promising them $500 more upon their return. Cops reportedly have evidence that the men bought the rope at a Chicago-area hardware store, and that the staged attack was supposed to have happened before January 29.

When someone says they were attacked, whether as part of a hate crime or sexually, it is not only proper to presume they're telling the truth (not including punishing alleged attackers without a trial), it is logical. False reports are rare compared to real reports. However, as I stressed from the beginning, it is not wrong to state that reported attacks are alleged, that reported hate crimes are possible hate crimes, and to keep in mind that as much as we do not want to believe that people lie, they sometimes do. When they do, we have to be prepared to accept that, try to understand why and punish them.

I expect more developments in this case shortly; Smollett has hired two prominent criminal-defense laywers.



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