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Feb 26 2019
Those Nips Didn't Slip — They Were Pushed: Hero Fiennes Tiffin For VMAN Comments (0)

VN41_COVER_PRESS-HERO-1(Images by Chris Colls for Vman)

Vman is showing off Hero Fiennes Tiffin (name created by random-hot-boy-actor-name generator) on its cover. Inside, he says:

Tiffin is hitting theaters in April in After, touted as a Fifty Shades for youngsters, HERO-4and appears ready for inevitable stardom. His nipples appear to have been ready for a while.

He says in the new Vman of his impending sex-symbol status and stardom:

I don’t know if you can be ready for that kind of stuff ...

I don’t think you’re allowed to judge yourself on that! I think you should have it in your head that you are, but I don’t think you should say it on record. But I guess “sexy” is a word that can mean different things. I feel like everyone should see themselves as “sexy” in their head, but I don’t think you should ever say it out loud.

After is guaranteed to be hot as hell, judging by his admission:

... some scenes won’t be too fun to watch with the ’rents!

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