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Feb 25 2019
Why'd You Come Around Me With An AMPAS Like That? Comments (0)


“Wait, so you're going to steal Sunset from Glenn? Madonna, you're bad!” (Image by JR for Time)


This was taken at Madonna's (Theda Bara in white!) after-party, though Gaga definitely attended Vanity Fair's, too. JR, a Time honoree, was the exclusive photographer at Madonna's normally photo-barren event, taking pics in a photo booth for guests and, it turns out, for Time.

I love that this is photo-journalistic and unfiltered — Madonna does not, it turns out, have kitten ears and whiskers.

I'm surprised such an exclusive set-up and such hallowed access is given a crumped-white-paper-backdrop treatment, but I guess it really is about your subjects, all of whom were famous.

And here is Madonna herself. I love this look — older, sophisticated, classic, mysterious. This suits her:


I thought of this classic Ritts shot:

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 9.18.51 AM(Image at L by JR, at R by Herb Ritts)

And here are some look-spirations:

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 9.57.11 AM(Images via movie still, video still & Instagram @madonna)