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Mar 25 2019
Express Your Selfie + Barr None: Mueller Report Still A Mystery + Buttigieg Surges + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Grandpa, what did you do for extra money after the War?

BELOW: Keep reading for sizzlin' selfies (not mine), why the Mueller Report could still be (and probably is) explosive and much, much more ...

Screen-Shot-2019-03-22-at-3.07.20-PM-644x1024More where he came from ... (Image via selfie)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): A roundup of amateur shirtlessness.

HUFF POST: Don't be a defeatist Dem. All we know about the Mueller Report so far is what Trump's handpicked lackey Barr has summarized (2 years in 4 pages) — that Trump and his team didn't take Russia up on its overtures, but that in spite of evidence, Barr doesn't think there is a prosecutable case for obstruction of justice. He specifically said Trump is not exonerated. The full report is clearly damaging, and Trump is attempting to controlling narrative by running with the lack of collusion — but Pelosi, Nadler and we won't let him. It's the beginning, not the end.9018bde098f390466d3185e46d8b3516

GR8ERDAYS: Monster in the Closet and Black Sheep Squadron star dies at 63 after battling deadly fungus.

REUTERS: Terence Stamp revels in his iconic gay role.

EXTRATV: Mel B finally admits she shagged Geri Halliwell back in their Spice Girl days!

THE HILL: Buttigieg has surged to third place (!) in a new Iowa poll among Democratic prez contenders, behind Biden (undeclared, at 25%) and Sanders (24%). Harris is fourth (10%).