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Mar 15 2019
I Love His Top + Kamala Pence-Bashes + Whoopi Goldberg Nearly Bought The Farm + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Portis Wasp gets me.

BELOW: Keep reading for a see-through top, Kamala bashing Pence so you don't have to, Whoopi's close call and more ...

Chris-Femat-coverTransparency is always good. (Image by Chris Femat)

FASHIONABLY MALE: Chris Femat shoots Fernando Otero.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Kamala Harris trashes Pence for his LGBTQ stances — and for refusing to meet with women alone. (It really is Taliban-ish, guys.)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Dying to see this movie!

NYT: That huge vote by the United Methodist Church to strengthen its ban on gay marriage and gay clergy was rigged. But by how much?

SKATER NEWSWIRE: Thrasher's longtime EIC Jake Phelps, a sk8er legend, has died at just 56.

EXTRATV: We almost added Whoopi Goldberg to 2019's In Memoriam list. Here, she describes how she narrowly avoided death.