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Mar 09 2019
Prepare For Take-Off: A Review Of MEMBERS ONLY BOYLESQUE Comments (0)

IMG_1544*****Mandrake (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

I spent Friday evening with a group of mostly-naked men who were only too happy to be ogled — you know, a typical date night.

IMG_1561Twinky Boots reveals twink booty.

Not really, but Members Only Boylesque — which is available for future booty calls on April 5, May 31 and June 14 at 10 p.m. at the Laurie Beechman Theatre — is definitely worthy of an entry in your little black book ...

IMG_1591*****Twinky Boots, Jackie Cox & Milo Pony

Co-creators Milo Pony and Twinky Boots were joined by some of NYC's hottest male burlesque artists, who offered a lot of diverse teasing, pleasing and birthday-suit endings. 

IMG_1450*****Jackie & Rex hold your attention like DiCaprio getting his balls grabbed in The Beach.

There was a BBD (big, black dildo), a lot of cake, corsets, genderfuck, hot moves and the comedy stylings of Jackie Cox, who was jill-on-the-spot when it came to pithy one-liners. She even sang — SANG! who SINGS? — two numbers, including an Ann-Margret ode to gangbangs and nuclear war.


IMG_1470*****Milo Pony tail

As if there weren't enough male flesh on display, stage pup Rex Halligan assisted Cox (and the image of him probably assisted half the cocks in the audience), gallivanting around in his undies, collecting cash for the mid-show raffle.


IMG_1483*****Jason Waterfalls

In briefs, check this out. And don't forget to spring for VIP tickets so you can get photos with the guys afterward.

IMG_1495*****Mandrake the magician makes his clothes disappear.

Also, follow them on IG here!

53537419_10155731095206595_8087442144425410560_nIt's me! (Image via Members Only Boylesque)

More pics:

IMG_1521*****Cute attendees getting the VIP experience!

IMG_1529*****The Gay Gaston, one of NYC's hottest men, dropped by, dropped his pants!

IMG_1540*****Jason Waterfalls had two fans there.

IMG_1568*****Munroe Lilly smolders.

IMG_1579*****Well, it is called Members Only ...

IMG_1582*****The most clothes Rex had on all night

IMG_1587*****The cast (minus Sloppi Chulo) takes a bow!