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Mar 16 2019
Eggboy vs. Fraser Anning: The Yoke's On Xenophobic Senator Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 4.52.51 PMWhen #eggboy went viral, it called to mind Anita Bryant's #pieface (Images via video still)

Australian right-winger Fraser Anning issued a stunningly Islamophobic statement on the very day 1 in every 500 Muslims in New Zealand were murdered in two mosques in New Zealand by an Australian — a statement praised by James Woods, by the way — so it was rather satisfying to watch him get egged by a teenager as he bloviated at a presser ...

Video shows the senator speaking when a kid with a smartphone steps forward and cracks an egg on the back of his head. Technically, I imagine this could be construed as some form of assault, but Anning then went ballistic, smacking the kid twice before being separated from him.

D1rtfLMXgAAqHit.jpg-large(Image via Sen. Fraser Anning)

Then, much worse, the xenophobic nutjob's thugs put the kid in a headlock and refused to let him go, verbally attacking while his eyes bugged out of his head.

The teen was taken into custody, but later released. A GoFundMe has set up for his legal and other fees. (I have not verified it.)

h/t Rolling Stone