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Mar 11 2019
Pecs Appeal + Drake Loses MJ + Gallery Of Hotness + Pelosi Not For Impeachment + Gay Preacher's Kid Wows AMERICAN IDOL + MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: Oscars all around!

BELOW: Keep reading for a naked favorite, a gallery of HOT-ness, a gay American Idol heart-tugger, Pelosi on impeachment and much more ...

Tumblr_pf2iyaraeG1vpw1s5o1_1280-624x780Even shirtless was enough for me. (Image via OMG Blog)

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Dominic Albano gets naked.

DLISTED: Michael Jackson has lost Drake.

022111MSMO234From The World's Greatest Athlete (Image via Flip Fax)

GR8ERDAYS: Jan-Michael Vincent at his all-time hottest — a gallery.

KENNETH IN THE (212): This kid's mug shot is missing kitten ears or it would be one of those annoying filter. He is a human filter!

HUFF POST: Alex McNabb, a prominent white supremacist podcaster, was fired from his job as an EMT, not only because he ran a racist, anti-Semitic podcast (which would make one wonder about the care he would provide to POC and Jews), but also because he admitted on the podcast to deliberately using a too-large needle on a small black child and taking pleasure from it. It's 2019.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Pelosi says it's not worth it to impeach Trump.

YOUTUBE: Gay son of preacher vibes strongly with Katy Perry during touching American Idol performance that asks God where his place in Heaven may be:

THE GUARDIAN: “I'm not a gay writer. I'm a monster. Gay writers are too conservative.”

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): What Zac Efron would look like as a gay porn star. (Warning: It's raw.)

TOWLEROAD: Trump has extended an invite to anti-LGBTQ Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro to visit the White House, because of course he did.

EXTRATV: First Madonna (May 4, NYC) and now Beyoncé & JAY-Z (March 28, L.A.) — GLAAD is getting nothing but A-listers to honor in this year of World Pride.

YOUTUBE: “Fuck those losers. Fuck them in their stupid, fucking faces.”