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Mar 04 2019
SEX EDUCATION: Your Next Obsession Comments (0)

Mr. Man's latest post:

Let's talk about Sex Education, baby! Netflix's steamy and hilarious dramedy takes us back to our awkward hormonal high school years ...

Otis, the lead character, hasn't had much luck with the ladies, and even though his mom is a sex therapist, he's still a virgin. He concocts a plan to open an underground sex -therapy clinic in order to gain popularity at school. Turns out the students have a lot of raunchy, unanswered questions to bring to Otis, and we're all along for the wild ride — and all the hotness.

One of our fave characters is played by Connor Swindells, who has several smoking sex scenes that keep us wanting more. We love seeing his bush and extra-large penis on display in the middle of the cafeteria. It looks like he doesn't need much of an education on sex!

Speaking of things you'll want to ride, hottie James Purefoy gives us an education in ass when he bares his in Otis' fantasy!

Mikael Persbrandt, Jonny Amies and more join in on the hotness by stripping down in Sex Education.

You could say that this series is seX-rated!