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Apr 03 2019
And Justice For Some: WHERE JUSTICE ENDS Trailer Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.39.25 AMThe stories in the trailer are harrowing. (Image via video still)

Broadway's Brian Stokes Mitchell narrates the upcoming feature documentary Where Justice Ends, which details the treatment trans women face in the federal prison system when they're forced to be housed with cisgender men.

This is why I cringe every single time a supposedly liberal person makes a brutish (and very cliché) comment about a criminal that “he'll be popular in prison.” Prison should be a place where people are incarcerated, not where they are raped or attacked. The incarceration is the punishment, and the rest is cruel and unusual. I wish indifference to this problem were unusual ...

Where Justice Ends — directed by Edward Norris and George Zuber — will begin a festival run at the OUTshine Film Fest in Miami on April 27, which is its world premiere.