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Apr 27 2019
Taron Egerton Thought He Was Gay + Biden On Losing His Son + Gaymer Underwear + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Sharp-dressed man.

BELOW: Keep reading for Taron Egerton's gay thoughts and more ...

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 2.05.37 PMTaron up my heart ... (Image via Attitude)

ATTITUDE: Taron Egerton thought he might be gay at 14 or 15.

TWITTER: Joe Biden talks about his son's final wishes for Biden's presidential aspirations.

HUFF POST: What it feels like to share your man boobs with the world. Chita

CHITARIVERAAWARDS.COM: The nominees and honorees for the Chita Rivera Awards are here!

LA MAMA: Queer artists from all around the world will be a part of Stonewall 50 at La Mama in NYC from May 23-June 30 — full list at the link.

DEBRIEF BOYS: Underwear for the gaymer in you. Or for the gaymer you'd like to be in.

2018-New-JOCKMAIL-Brand-Sexy-Mens-Underwear-briefs-Cuecas-playful_2x_98b99390-2bb7-419d-9d0a-4881afaa6b52_590xWonder who the high scorer is? (Image via Debrief Boys)