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Apr 14 2019
Madonna Introduces Her MADAME X Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 12.07.49 PMCall me Madame ... X. (Image via Instagram)

In a creative rollout that's progressing much better than did Rebel Heart's, Madonna has been teasing her fans with hints about her next album — and now, in a new Instagram post, she confirms the title: Madame X

Keep reading to watch a tantalizing trailer ...

This is exciting. The snippet of the song she's singing sounds quintessentially Madonna, but sophisticated Madonna, and the imagery is spectacular. The concept plays off of her own penchant for identity-shifting, but in a fresh-feeling way. Could Madame X be a true concept album? If not, at least it add another intriguing woman to Madonna's coterie of them. Madame X seems more than up to the legacy of, for one example, Dita.