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May 08 2019
Sulkin In It + Trump's Taxes! + Iran War? + Brian Sims Apologizes + Why Madonna Haters Should Retire + Gay Beer + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: They did say Gods of Rugby.

BELOW: Keep reading for Gregg Sulkin's hot workout, Trump's not-so-hot taxes, fresh Bomer and more ...

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 12.56.50 AMYou're Sulkin in it! (Image via Instagram)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Gregg Sulkin's workout is a J.O. movie.

NYT: Ten years' worth of Trump's taxes — obtained by The New York Times — shows:

In fact, year after year, Mr. Trump appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer ...

JOE.MY.GOD.: Pompeo made a surprise Iraq visit. Watch for Trump to push us into war with Iran as his best chance to win in 2020.

TWITTER: Rep. Brian Sims (D-Pennsylvania) apologizes for confrontational videos outside Planned Parenthood.

MEDIUM: David Toussaint argues why Madonna haters — including those love-to-hate-her fans — are old, tired and irrelevant and should really just retire already.

Papi1Chulo, Papi (Image via Blue Fox Entertainment)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Matt Bomer stars in Papi Chulo.

THE COVEN & PRECARIAT PRODUCTIONS: Check out an officially approved genderqueer A Streetcar Named Desire.

190506161241-bud-light-rainbow-bottle-exlarge-169Proudly buzzed (Image via Budweiser)

CNN: Bud Light will have rainbow bottles for Pride.

SOCIALITE LIFE: A flashback interview with Manila Luzon about Drag U. Sahara Davenport was still with us then.

GR8ERDAYS: Good grief, I had no idea Pickles from The Dick Van Dyke Show had still been alive! Sadly, Barbara Perry has now died at 97, but that show's cast was unusually long-lived overall: Mary Tyler Moore (80), Jerry Van Dyke (86), Morey Amsterdam (87), Ann Morgan Guilbert (87), Dick Van Dyke (93 and still going), Rose Marie (94), Carl Reiner (97 and still going). Exceptions: Jerry Paris (60), Joan Shawlee (61) and Richard Deacon (63).

NYP: Gay penguin population skyrockets in one zoo.

YOUTUBE: Kisos's “Happily Ever After” song and video are here: