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May 09 2019
Foreign Bodies: WE ARE THR3E Comments (0)

A kiss before living (All images via MrMan)

MrMan is heading down to South America, where a super sexy cock-filled threesome has been seared into our memory. We're not mad about it! Let's take a look at Argentina's We Are Thr3e ...

Director Marcelo Briem Stamm brings us this story about a trio trying to make their poly relationship work. Nacho and Ana are a couple who get pursued by handsome Sebastian. They all flirt and get naked together for a sexy nude scene that is full of delicious dick.

Sebastian wants more, however, and tries to convince the couple to accept him into their relationship. How could they say no to a stud like that? Just take a look at his firm butt and you'll be convinced to do anything he wants. 

We Are Thr3e delivers super hot male nudity when Nacho and Sebastian go full frontal to have gay sex, straight sex, and everything in-between during a wild threesome. The cocks are thick and the asses are tight. It's unanimous — we love polyamorous!