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May 24 2019
Sam Salter Covers ATTITUDE: I DIDN'T WANT TO BE GAY Comments (0)

Attitude-Magazine-gay-shirtless-Sam-Salter(Image via Attitude)

Sam Salter, the dancer and model, covers Attitude, and talks about having a hard time coming to grips with being gay, a phenomenon that seems not to lessen as much as we would like in spite of all the progress we've made ...

He says:

I didn’t want to be gay at that time. The world 310_Social_Sam_Salter_3 is moving forward but there’s pressure to be a certain way in society. I felt I had to be this person who I wasn’t. I had to lower my voice, act tough, and I was not tough. I was a softy. I would cry every day. I didn’t play football, I never played PlayStation. I was a horse rider, I did ballet. It was difficult trying to be somebody who I was not.

He also speaks about his recovery, and dancing in Swan Lake.

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