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May 27 2019
MAGIC MIKE's New Close + Old Gays On Old Affairs + Gayest Actors EVER + TALES OF THE CITY Dish + Trump Lackey Brags About Lawlessness + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Don't ya just love water sports!

BELOW: Presto-chango —Magic Mike stalls, Trump lackey shrugs at lawbreaking, older gay men reflect on past loves (rope is involved) and more ...

GiphyIt's theater, queen! (GIF via GIPHY)

DEADLINE: Magic Mike musical cancels Boston try-out engagement — DUH-RAMA!

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 2.37.49 PMOne of these men hasn't had a relationship for 22 years. (Image via video still)

INTO MORE: So-called old gays reflect on their relationships from the past:

POLITICO: California Congressman Duncan Hunter, a Republican, is defending a man accused of war crimes in the most disingenuous way possible. These people in the GOP are nakedly thirsty for a totalitarian coup. Though if the economy stays stable, it won't be a coup, it'll be a rollover.

Tumblr_nmayjddaOU1qzsq0xo1_500He's the gayest of all by a Lynde-slide! (GIF via GIPHY)

NEWNOWNEXT: Michael Musto's picks for history's gayest men in showbiz!

PRIDESOURCE: Laura Linney talks about the impact of the Tales of the City films and her thoughts on the upcoming Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City with Chris Azzopardi:

... I’m glad I didn’t know when the project TOTC_Gallery_Dukakis_LInney_125_V2-1200x800first came to me. I’m really glad I didn’t understand how broad the reach and how deep the reach was of Armistead’s work. I’m sure it would’ve completely intimidated me – and I’m sure I wouldn’t have handled it terribly well – so I’m glad that I was somewhat ignorant when I first started to make the series. But it became very clear to me shortly after we finished just how loved these stories are, and the more I got to understand and know Armistead, the more I understood that phenomenon. He’s truly a great man.

STAR2: Legendary '80s street artist Futura 2000 will be featured in a solo exhibition in Singapore.

NYP: Man attacked with anti-gay slurs on NYC subway in Tribeca, suspects at large.

JTA: First out gay Orthodox rabbi ordained in Jerusalem.

HUFF POST: HUD official Lynne Patton — who makes over $160K to do nothing — used her official government Twitter account in an expressly political way again, and instead of fearing repercussions, due to the lawless dictator-wannabe we have in charge, she brazenly stated, “I honestly don't care.”

GAY CITY NEWS: Remembering trans lives lost.

NPR: Check out Taiwan's mass gay-wedding banquet in honor of same-sex marriage becoming legal there.

CBS4: Gay volleyball championships — spike it!

Volley-ball-tourney-rs-raw-01-concatenated-115752_frame_47652Working with a net (Image via video still)