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May 28 2019
Undetectable: High-Drama New UNDERCOVER Video From Jake Frost Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 3.15.27 PMBeautifully simple — with beautifully complex dance moves (Image via video still)

Love this catchy, mysterious track “Undercover” by Jake Frost, who has Sia-video-level choreography by co-star Marquise Hitchcock in the stylish music video.

Swipe this up ...

More about Jake via press release:

Jake is originally from Taiwan, also grew up in Peru, studied in NYU, and, after graduating, went back to Taiwan for compulsory military service. In those army barracks he promised himself he'd pursue music and performance once his time of serving was over. His first EP, Loveless, explores the unnecessary stigma around being single, while also navigating love and vulnerability as a newly out queer person.