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May 03 2019
ROCKETMAN, Eh? + AVENUE Q Auc + Dem-on-Dem Crime + Wobbly Wendy Williams Insults Madonna + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Room with a view.

BELOW: Keep reading for Rocketman take-off news, Wendy Williams forgetting to glance in a mirror and more ...

Rocketman_Option_1That shit is played! (Image via Inside Out)

INSIDEOUT.CA: Rocketman is the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival opener. More details at the link.

4 Flower PotCracked addict? You're in luck! (Image by Anna Louizos)

BROADWAY DESIGN EXCHANGE: You can own an original Avenue Q prop! Troll

KENNETH IN THE (212): If you're aggressively dragging Democratic nominees for president, you're a human bot and you're doing the GOP's/Russia's work. Congrats.

OUTSMART: The oldest, continuously active gay org, The Diana Foundation, is releasing a history book: The Diana Foundation — 65 Years of History.

YAHOO: Wendy Williams, 54, thinks Madonna, 60, moves like an old lady. Yes, Wendy Williams, who can't stand for long periods of time.

BILLBOARD: A deep dive into the marketing strategy behind Madame X, with details about the next single — “Crave” — and its attendant video.