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Jun 13 2019
Nico's Buns Out + Ecuador Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage + Trump Ready To Cheat Again + POSE Provokes + Jessica Biel: IT'S GONNA BE MEASLES + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Take. It. Off!

BELOW: Keep reading for Nico's bum, Trump admitting he'll cheat with a foreign power again, Jessica Biel admitting she's fucking stupid and more ...

61307307_3008054525871306_5935209169053804797_nSun's out, and his buns are out. (Image via Instagram)

OMG BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Nico Tortorella's butt, over easy.

PINK NEWS: Ecuador has legalized same-sex marriage!

NYT: Meet the folk singer —  Grace Petrie — writing “new gay anthems.”


TOWLEROAD: Pose Season 2 takes on ACT UP, is fueled by Madonna.

RESTAURANT BUSINESS ONLINE: Chick-Fil-A is still anti-gay, and still wants you to believe it is not. If you eat there, you're directly supporting anti-gay causes.

TRUE CRIME DAILY: Gay man shot in the leg and killed in Harlem while out simply walking his dog.

WAPO: Donald Trump blithely says he would happily listen to opposition research from foreign governments. IMPEACH HIM NOW.

190612-Hitt-Ant-Vaxx-Jessica-Biel-tease_qwgg2oYou're not medical doctors or scientists. You're exactly as smart as Jenny McCarthy. (Image via Instagram)

DAILY BEAST: It's not like I'm Jessica Biel's #1 fan (or Justin Timberlake's), but I like her (and him) fine — so finding out she (and probably he) is a goddamn anti-vaxxer, that just pisses me off. Biel lobbied with the stupidest Kennedy outside of the murderer against a California bill that would require vaccinations. Meanwhile, the U.S. has more measles cases than it has in decades.

Get vaccinated or get out of society.

THE NATION: Bernie Sanders calls out Trump's socialism for the very rich.

PAGE SIX: Bryan Singer to pay $150K to settle sexual assault claim, denies knowing accuser.

NEW YORK: Mitch McConnell has blocked plans to fend off future Russian meddling in U.S. elections.

INDEPENDENT: Critic apologizes to Madonna for calling her “desperate” in a lengthy, thoughtful post on ageism and sexism — perpetrated by women against women. iNews raves Madame X is her best in years.