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Jun 07 2019
Madonna's DARK BALLET Is A Foreboding, Visually Mesmerizing Feast Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 7.16.09 AMThis is all we see of Madonna in her new video. (Image via Vevo)

In the same way we didn't see Madonna's face on her Like a Prayer album cover — unnecessary, we knew who we were getting — we barely see Madonna in her new “Dark Ballet” video, but we know she is the captain of the sinking ship.

“Dark Ballet” is one of her best grandiose-passion-play songs, in the spirit of “Mer Girl,” “Impressive Instant” and “Gang Bang,” but I would argue more successful than the latter two. It has a sweep and sonic adventurousness that is reminiscent of Queen, but the themes are pure Madonna.

Directed by Emmanuel Adjei, “Dark Ballet” stars HIV-positive gender-fluid rapper Mykki Blanco as a Joan of Arc figure: