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Jul 31 2019
Hal Prince, Musical Theater God, Dies @ 91 Comments (0)

449acce8f8f6af5c7b9069cae2a02783Patti LuPone, pre-Pose, striking a pose for Hal Prince's Evita. (Image via Broadway Theatre)

In 2008, Hal Prince — who as a producer and/or as a director has touched most of the best musicals of Broadway's past 60 years — said:

I'm totally mindful that nobody will ever have the life I've had in the theater. That's past. And that's damn sad.

Sadly, he was not bragging. Sadder still, he was right. RIP.


MrMan's Sexiest Beach Bums Ever! Comments (0)

Beat the heat, and your meat, to the sexiest movie beach nudity ever ...

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You're Welcome: Alex E. For HUNK² Comments (0)

_A000732C(All images via HUNK²)

HUNK² offers shots of Alex E. in various swimwear styles that will, as it did him, make ya wet ...

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Mila Jam's New MASQUERADE Video Premieres: STOP KILLING US Comments (0)

IMG_7610The Jam is moving. (Image via Midas Music)

Mila Jam can always be counted on to deliver amazing beats, but also a strong message.

Her new “Masquerade” video features the trans artist nearly nude with the blunt message “STOP KILLING US” painted on her body in a narrative about deception that could be interpreted as flipping the script — it's not trans people or other LGBTQ people who are deceiving, it's our attackers with the deadly secret.

The message works on a broader level, too, as Jam says:

Dating is a masquerade. That guy on Tinder; he's a masquerade. The music business. That's a masquerade, too! We've all been raised to hide the deepest and darkest parts of us, but those parts of us that we were taught to hide make us who we are.

Masks off ...

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Cause Of Death Revealed For Trans Woman Who Died At Rikers Comments (0)

Layleen-polanco-transgender-woman-found-dead-rikers-820x430Layleen Cubilette-Polanco (Image via family photo)

Layleen Cubilette-Polanco died in her Rikers cell earlier this year when she couldn't afford her $500 bail, causing outraged in the LGBTQ community— and now authorities are releasing more information on how she died.

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Jul 30 2019
Ends Of The World: Going Commando Comments (0)

THE DRAG EXPLOSION Returns For An Aftershock Comments (0)

Unnamed-3Bunny, Misstress Formika, Sweetie, Anna Conda & Tabboo! at the Pyramid Club, 1992 (Image via TheDragExplosion.com)

Linda Simpson, who has been in drag longer than she's been out of it, is hosting The Drag Explosion, an exciting encore of her narrated slidedshow on the history of NYC drag.

She took all the photos herself — and thank Cher someone in those situations did. It wasn't cellphone times, ladies, so Linda's snaps are a true record of some interesting drag history.

It goes back to the '80s, when Lady Bunny was in her eighties!

WHAT: The Drag Explosion presented by Linda Simpson
WHEN: Tuesday, August 13, 2019
WHERE: The Wild Project, 195 East 3rd St., New York
ADMISSION: $10. Pay at door or buy in advance at TheWildProject.com
Listen & Watch: Deney Adam's HEARTDROP Comments (0)

Deney-adamGod created Deney Adam (Image via video still)

Listen to makeup artist (Susanne Bartsch: On Top) -turned-music-artist Deney Adam's trippy “Heartdrop” and watch his brand-spankin'-new music video, filled with look after look after look at that! ...