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Jul 11 2019
MrMan's SEXY Javier Bardem Throwback Comments (0)

MrMan needs to give praise to Javier Bardem, who is one of the sexiest actors Spain has ever given to us ...

During his lengthy career, he has shown different parts of his torso, but it was his role as Raul in 1992's Jamon, Jamon that had us originally screaming for Bardem's bare body.

Javier was born to a long line of actors in the Canary Islands in Spain, but his role in 1992's Jamon, Jamon was the breakthrough that also made him a sex symbol.

He plays a sexy fuckboi in the movie who is an underwear model/bullfighter. What a combo! He is hired to seduce a woman's daughter from her lover and it's in one of his sex scenes that we see the tip of his cock.

We also see him lure a bull in the buff, showing tantalizingly close shots of his pubes as he wrestles with the bull in the dark. 

We love Javier's early work just as much as we love his later sexy scenes, but never forget his scenes in Jamon, Jamon