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Jul 25 2019
BAD BOY Culture + Pro-Life Barr Loves Death Penalty + U.S. Citizen's ICE Nightmare + Honoring Orton, Milk & Wilde + MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: When “Dad” is younger than you are.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot date, Barr gives death penalty new life, U.S. citizen's ICE nightmare and more ...

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 1.22.40 PMIt's a match! (Image via video still)

THE RANDY REPORT: It's a Bad Boy date night!

NBC NEWS: Barr just ordered the reinstatement of the federal death penalty, another 2o-year precedent dumped.

HUFF POST: Eighteen-year-old American citizen Francisco Galicia was detained by ICE in a camp for three weeks in spite of his citizenship:

Galan said Galicia had proper identification with him, including a wallet-sized Texas birth certificate, a Texas identification card and a Social Security card.

And surprise! He does not report that the conditions in the camps are great.

WBUR: TripAdvisor smacked down the organizers of Straight Pride, and did it with a letter riddled with gay-anthem references.

THE STAGE: Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry have backed a campaign for a statue to honor gay playwright Joe Orton.

CNN: San Francisco honors Harvey Milk with SFO terminal.

TOWLEROAD: Russell Tovey unveils plaque honoring Oscar Wilde.

BBC: Boris Johnson assembles rabidly right-wing Cabinet as new UK PM.

THE GUARDIAN: Trump speaks in front of a fake presidential seal doctored to include hat tips to Russia and ... golf. Nobody has any idea how it happened.

PEOPLE: Gaultier proposed to Madonna three times. She preferred to continue having sex, I guess.

THE HILL: Sounds like Meghan McCain would endorse Joe Biden; also, she loves Pete Buttigieg.

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Sexy Martin Kove's long-lost nude scene from Women in Revolt, where his bushy peen does battle with the late, great Holly Woodlawn.

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 1.26.55 PMMartin Kove really committed to this scene! (Image via video still)