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Aug 17 2019
Best-Dressed Men From The Golden Age Of Cinema Comments (0)

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If you’re wondering when exactly the “Golden Age of Cinema” was, it was in the middle of what is referred to as Classical Hollywood cinema (approximately 1917 to 1969). Be sure to check out Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood to see more, as this Quentin Tarantino film is filled with nostalgia for the classic age of Hollywood movies.

The thing that makes the movies from this time stand out is their visual and audio style, for one, and newfound creativity and exploration of genres. Some classics from this time include King Kong, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, and many others.

Along with all the glitz and glamour from that time came a stylish wardrobe to match. Everyone that was anyone in the film industry has a high standard of fashion. Simply put — everyone looked good! Keep reading to find out who the best-dressed men were from the Golden Age.

This style could even hold up today, the common man could be looking dapper in a stylish suit while doing everyday things like grabbing a coffee, reading a book, playing online casino games, etc. If only!

Steve-mcqueenMcQueen in 1968's The Thomas Crown Affair (Image via United Artists)

Steve McQueen

This icon was a rather impressive box-office draw, and another thing — the man could dress! The “King of Cool” left behind a legacy when it comes to style and fashion. McQueen was always admired for his talent and style. Although many wanted to be him, he will always be irreplaceable. He lives on with his antihero persona in films like The Magnificent Seven and The Sand Pebbles.

13Gable in 1939's Gone with the Wind (Image via MGM)

Clark Gable

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” This line will forever be iconic, as Clark Gable gave a riveting performance in Gone with the Wind, just one of his noteworthy performances. Dubbed the “King of Hollywood,” this leading man was the embodiment of all that was suave and debonair. He was often captured with a smirk under his signature moustache. This refined gentleman will always have a place on the lists of top leading men.

James-DeanJames Dean in 1955's Rebel Without a Cause (Image via Warner Bros.)

James Dean

Needing no introduction, James Dean is a full-fledged cultural icon even today. His role in Rebel Without a Cause is, in part, what shot this actor into stardom. He may not have a résumé as long as the others on this list, however, his life was an incredibly influential one and he is considered to be one of the most important stars of his era. If you close your eyes and picture James Dean, you’ll probably think of the iconic leather jacket — or the red one from Rebel — and perfectly styled hair. This smouldering actor lives on in the three films he brought to life during his short career.

Frank-SinatraFrank Sinatra (R) in 1960's Ocean's 11 (Image via Warner Bros.)

Frank Sinatra

He may have been more musically inclined; however, this honey-toned singer deserves a spot on this list purely because he always looked good. He was always spotted with a hat, collared shirt, and snappy suit, ready for the spotlight. This Rat Pack member always looked the part and to this day can be pictured in his signature look. This dapper gentleman could have had anyone swooning with his renditions of his many timeless classics.

FlyingDowntoRio59Fred Astaire in 1933's Flying Down to Rio, as seen with Ginger Rogers (Image via RKO)

Fred Astaire

Never would you catch this dancing legend in anything but a stylish three-piece suit and shiniest dancing shoes. This man could dance his way into anyone’s heart with his suave moves and clean-cut style. Astaire was known to be the start of the show as he sang and danced his heart out while the crowd went wild.