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Aug 10 2019
Equinox's Ross Raises $13M For Trump, Trump Mocks Boycott Comments (0)

Boycotts are hard, but there is ample evidence they can work. But they don't work when people who are naturally on the side of those complaining spend more energy rolling their eyes at boycotts and pointing out that it's impossible to boycott everything.

Now, following several intense days of online protest and membership cancellations at Equinox and SoulCycle, billionaire Stephen Ross's Trump fundraising party has raised $13M — and Trump, speaking at the event, took time out to openly mock the boycott — so if you're mocking them, that's whose side you're on.

Again, boycotts are difficult and yes, you can boycott a company that's come under scrutiny without feeling you're a hypocrite if you eat food at or work out at or buy products from another company with Trump ties. It's not about absolute purity. But when the company (like Equinox) is so gay-targeted and a major moneyman is holding high-profile fundraisers for the bigot-in-chief, you're more right to try than you are to pooh-pooh it and go back to your shows.