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Aug 31 2019
Six Degrees Of Kevin's Bacon Comments (0)

Today, August 31, just happens to be National Bacon Day, and our friends at MrMan are celebrating with an amazing infographic that is a complete and total sausage fest.

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Fleshback: Richard Gere Comments (0)

More HERE!

Aug 30 2019
Valerie Harper Dies @ 80 Comments (0)

GiphyAugust 22, 1939-August 30, 2019 (GIF via GIPHY)

My obit, as it appears on ExtraTV.com:

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Rafael Nadal: MANIAC Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 11.24.49 AMBeals of laughter (Image via video still)

Rafael Nadal is a maniac — maniac! — on the floor ...

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Weekly Rag Flashing Comments (0)

Qx(Image by Pontelis for qx)

More of the week's gay cover mags here.

Aug 29 2019
Take Meme With You Comments (0)

Troye Sivan Pissed That A Gay Mag Asked: TOP OR BOTTOM? Comments (0)

Sub-buzz-2465-1567027244-1.png(Image via express)

The New Zealand queer mag express, which has been in publication for 27 years, is on blast after its reporter Matt Fistonich asked Troye Sivan if he is a top or a bottom.

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Aug 28 2019
Stewart Taylor Wants To MESS YOUR HAIR UP Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Stewart Taylor)

This is a fun song and video, and the message would have really spoken to me back when I had hair ...

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