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Aug 14 2019
Jake Weary: What A Body (Of Work)! Comments (0)

Post by MrMan:

All of Jake Weary’s EIGHT naughty nude gay scenes occurred on one single series — TNT’s Animal Kingdom. The buff, scruffy blondie plays a surfer dude who’s part of a crime family ... and with his super sexy and super gay body of work, Jake will make you Jake off!

He stole our hearts (and our holes) in the second episode when he was caught banging a dude in a bathroom. Two episodes later he had rough sex with Spencer Treat Clark, and we even heard him lube up!

Jake’s rare A-to-M scene heard round the world — with Andy Favreau — went down in Season 2. And then, five episodes into Season 3, Jake had passionate gay sex with Damon Erik Williams in a scene lasting over two minutes.

Jake was back to pounding out his pal Spencer Treat Clark in the ninth ep. This time, we see him throw his used condom across the room! The series’ fourth season brought three looks at Weary’s wares. In episode two, he showed his ass before preparing to mount Spencer on the sink.

Shall we go on? Check out all his incredibly steamy scenes here!