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Aug 05 2019
Coke's Pro-Gay-Ads + Lil Nas X On Being A New Gay Role Model + The Art Of Gayface + NEW YORK POST: Ban Assault Weapons + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Good for Gus, but, like, I never really pictured him as a guy who wore cologne.

BELOW: Keep reading for Coke's pro-gay ads, Lil Nas X on his incredible success, the art of gayface and more ...

C87c9f1292894774I never liked Pepsi. (Images via Coca-Cola)

REUTERS: Coca-Cola is sparking a furor in Hungary with pro-LGBTQ ads.

Chicago-defender-e1462404324550The paper goes all-digital, effective immediately. (Image via The Chicago Defender)

WAPO: The Chicago Defender (around since 1905!) joins the LONG list of print publications unable to keep things going, at least on the print side, in the digital age. In this piece, WaPo chronicles how the Defender, a black publication, paved the way for LGBTQ rights, all the while focusing on black issues. We often hear about the integral roles some queer people played in the (black) civil rights fight, but this perspective on how black publications fueled the gay-rights movement is illuminating. Check this one out.

PAGE SIX: In other news, Lindsay Lohan continues to be a right-wing hag who sucks up to foreign despots.

GayfaceFlagging identity (Images by Lauren Tabak)

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: Lauren Tabak, a photographer, is tackling gay face (in the good way) with her new work:

She needed something to do, some sort of project to help keep her sane. Maybe a series of portraits, something that explored queer identity. Maybe she’d call it “Gay Face” — as in, No way he’s straight, that dude has definite gay face. 

“Is that even relevant anymore?” a friend asked. “We live here, in San Francisco. No one cares if you’re gay or not.”

Fair enough. But then “Gay Face” wouldn’t be about passing or trying to hide an identity, it’d be about flagging, about broadcasting it for anybody to see. The same way Tabak wears androgynous clothes and a black hat with a wide brim. “Sometimes,” she says, “you just want your community. You just want to be seen.”

More of her work here.

RAW STORY: The private, GoFundMe border-wall scheme is under federal investigation.

OUTSPORTS: Soccer player Andy Brennan came out — and received nothing but love.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Even the right-wing New York Post wants all assault weapons banned.

RANDY REPORT: Buttigieg calls it like he sees it:

America is under attack from homegrown white nationalist terrorism. White nationalism is evil. And it is inspiring people to commit murder, and it is being condoned at the highest levels of the American government, and that has to end.

WONKETTE: Texas could be tilting blue as soon as 2020, and these drop-out GOP reps aren't helping.

Rs_634x793-190805062221-634-lil-nas-x-emd-080119The Lil Nas X story ... so far! (Image via GQ Hype)

TRIBUNE LEDGER NEWS: Lil Nas X says he is humbled and proud that his decision to come out has opened the door to helping other young, gay, black men. Also, check out how he made the music video for the #1 Billboard Hot 100 song of alllll time:

EXTRATV: Will you watch the new Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot, BH90210, in which the actors play versions of themselves?

YOUTUBE: WOW Presents Plus is debuting a new series starring Shuga Cain tomorrow, Gimme Some Shuga — and here's a li'l cake-teaser: