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Aug 28 2019
Models Galore + Biden Holding Steady + Trump's Russian Co-Signers + Marvel's First Gay Superhero + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Ross Collab's IG is a must-look.

BELOW: Keep reading for models galore, Biden holding steady, Trump's tax scam, a DNA delight and more ...

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 10.48.37 AMJess Messino shows up on (Image by Kuros Photography)

ADVOCATE: Advocate spotlights the work of Kuros Photography.

USA TODAY: Ex-Patriots linebacker Ryan O'Callaghan came out as gay two years ago, and is now recalling support the received from (Democratic) team owner Robert Kraft, who called his coming-out brave and expressed pride in O'Callaghan's decision to do it. He also claims there are gay and/or bisexual players on every U.S. pro football team.

KENNETH IN THE (212): If singlets get you off.

TOWLEROAD: New Zealand parliament speaker goes viral for taking care of gay colleague's baby:

BUSINESS INSIDER: Trump pays almost no income tax and has massive loans co-signed by Russian oligarchs who are cozy with Putin, says Lawrence O'Donnell.

WAPO: Trump's so determined to have a wall built by Election Day 2020 he has reportedly told aides to break the law in order to do it — and has assured them he will pardon them.

DNA-236-cover-1Alessandro Cavagnola by Roberto Chiovitti (Image by Robert Chiovitti)

DNA: The new DNA looks like a wild ride.

CNN: According to Quinnipiac, Biden still leads among Democratic presidential contenders — by a lot — followed by Warren, Sanders, Harris, Buttigieg and Yang. The rest were below 1%. Worth noting:

Biden was seen as the most likely to beat President Donald Trump, with 54% of registered voters who said they would support the former vice president in a head-to-head against the President. Almost two in five (38%) said they would support Trump.
This early in the cycle, head-to-head matchups are meant to be viewed as a snapshot of how the electorate is currently feeling, not as a predictor for the future.
All other Democratic presidential candidates who got above 1% in the Quinnipiac poll also bested Trump. Sanders led 53% to 39%, Warren up 52% to 40%, Harris up 51% to 40%, and Buttigieg at about half (49%) to Trump's 40%.

NYT: The king of second-hand books — hey, it's a title — died at 80 this month.

INSTAGRAM: This cutie-pie is 50 today:

OUT: Marvel's first gay superhero will be married, with kids.

GR8ERDAYS: You say Marc Singer made you gay?

S-l1600-1Hot couple (Image via MGM/UA)