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Aug 26 2019
Travis Wall Spearheads #BoysDanceToo Demo Outside GMA Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 11.03.43 AMWall of resistance (All images by

Lara Spencer apologized for guffawing at Prince George's love of ballet last week on Good Morning America ...

... but her casual put-down has resonated, leading to a social media firestorm under the aegis of #BoysDanceToo.

Her original comments here.

Monday morning, Travis Wall — whose response to Spencer was widely shared — led a slew of male dancers in a demonstration of the #BoysDanceToo cause outside GMA ...

As I wrote before, it's not about Spencer anymore, it's about removing the deeply embedded social stigma against men expressing themselves via dance — or other stereotypically feminine pursuits.

Looks like Wall & Co. had a great time: