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Aug 06 2019
AOC Reacts To Team Mitch Bitches + Black Man Leashed In Texas + 20 Years For MAGA Bomber + Obama, Buttigieg On Mass Shootings + EUPHORIA Nudity + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 9.13.04 AMTreading is fundamental. (Image via video still)

ABOVE: I'm never around when this happens at the gym.

BELOW: Keep reading for the full video of the hot guy above, plus Ocasio-Cortez reacts to Team Mitch stranglers, Obama & Buttigieg on mass shootings, some Euphoria nudity and more ...

5d48b8542400009d17937738.pngLittle white supremacist douchebags (Image via Instagram)

WAPO: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) reacts to that heinous image of a bunch of white-boy Team Mitch bitches posing with, and playfully choking, a life-sized stand-up of herself. The same Team Mitch account has posted images of fake tombstones with McConnell's 2020 challenger's name and the name of Merrick Garland on them.

DAILY KOS: Here's how two Galveston, Texas, cops apprehended an alleged trespasser, not thinking for a moment the image of two white guys on horses taking a black man alongside them ON A LEASH was bad form.

TRUE CRIME DAILY: Twenty years in prison for Cesar Sayoc, the MAGA bomber.

IMG_9549Summer whites (Image by CJC Photography)

DNA: Chris, by CJC Photography for DNA.

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Toni Morrison — the Beloved author died August 5 at 88.

MEDIUM: Pete Buttigieg unveils plan to combat the threat of hate and the gun lobby in an effort to attack mass shootings.

ABC NEWS: Barack Obama has finally spoken up — attacking the dehumanizing language that leads to mass shootings.

THE GUARDIAN: Even the GOP thinks the comments from Rep. Candice Keller (R-Ohio) that mass shootings were thanks to gay marriage, Obama, etc., were too much — and she has been urged to resign.

NYT: (Un-) Surprise! Study shows that the projected negative effect of video games is brought up in news coverage of white shooters eight times more than it is in coverage of black shooters.

Euphoria-alexa-demie-jacob-elordiThe series isn't behind him, but his best physical asset is. (Image via HBO)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Euphoria's Jacob Elordi flashes ass.

EXTRATV: Aaron Carter is 31 and single. But probably not really bi.

POLITICO: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio now says he thinks Bernie would've defeated Trump in 2016. I don't agree, but I do remember de Blasio at what was supposed to be Hillary's victory party, so there's that.