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Sep 27 2019
MrMan's Top 10 Sexiest Moments From CLUB DE CUERVOS Comments (0)

Club de Cuervos was Netflix’s first ever Spanish-language original series, and it gave us a ton of nudity, including one of the biggest penises we’ve ever seen on TV! That’s not an exaggeration by the way. Club de Cuervos paved the way for sexy Spanish-language series like Elite and The House of Flowers, so celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a reminder of what made Club de Cuervos one of the hottest shows ever created ...

(10) Alosian Vivancos teased his peen and breathtaking bod in a leopard-print thong. Rawr!

(9) And guess who else got the thong memo? It’s series star Luis Gerardo Méndez.

(8) Miss Alonsian Vivancos already? He accidentally bared his balls in the locker room!

(7) You’ll see his monster penis later on this list, but first, enjoy Joaquín Ferreira’s BDSM bootay.
(6) Oh, and make sure to take in alllll of his bawwwwdy! Joaquín was in peak physique while filming Club de Cuervos.

(5) There’s something so hot and sexy about boys getting playful in the shower!

(4) Wait, we might like this shot of the guys cleaning their bums even more…

(3) Luis Gerardo Méndez and Alosian Vivancos shard a pee (and more!) after having a wild orgy. This show is just too good to be true!

(2) And of course, the man, the myth, the legend: Joaquín Ferreira’s huge, massive, ginormous junk!

(1) Sorry, we have to take one last look. Does someone have $5, because we see a footlong!