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Sep 09 2019
The Rest Is Drag: Day 3 Of RuPaul's Drag Con NYC Comments (0)

IMG_4145Have Gia Gunn, will dazzle ... (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

My final day at RuPaul's Drag Con NYC only really happened because the WoW folks asked me to haul ass over there this morning for a special announcement.

IMG_4078Staging gracefully

So, I did as asked, showing up for the tail end of a panel that included Todrick Hall, Ross Mathews, Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley. After they shared some illuminating memories of RDR, Michelle announced that the U.K. version of RuPaul's Drag Race would go on tour, and then announced the biggie: The first-ever RuPaul's Drag Con U.K. is happening January 18-19!

**IMG_4127Ross & Carson were super accessible — and relatable! Don't forget relatable!

After that ripple of excitement, I wandered around grabbing any loose ends or interesting photo ops.

*IMG_4211-2A visage of loveliness — from her head down to her toe-oe-oe ...

I did pester Michelle at her booth. She and the hubby allowed me to snap from the side (no posed), and then I returned later with my original 1989 Seduction promo hanging mobile for Michelle to sign. This time, I'm here as a fan, I announced, and she was all smiles.

IMG_5771The lighting was like shooting through a tin can, God bless it.

She also pointed out that there was a Band-Aid on her toe in the 30-year-old photo, something she bitched about to the label when she first saw it. But there was no Photoshop in those days! she said, laughing. I'd never seen the Band-Aid, but now that I had:

Enjoy my final pics from the day!

IMG_4113U.K. queen Scaredy Kat

IMG_4139You know what I was thinking, right?

IMG_4153Gia Gunn alone, and with Ongina

IMG_4159Waiting to play the Miss Fame game

IMG_4162I told him to pose, but not to expend too much energy ...

IMG_4174U.K. contestants Vinegar Strokes (twice) & Crystal

IMG_4194Shuga Cain & Rami Zein with Monét X Change

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 2.27.07 PMMrs. Kasha Davis with Shuga Cain

IMG_4198I love the shots on the floor.

IMG_4215Ran into Desmond Is Amazing at the last second

IMG_4215And finally — 11th Avenue goes back to its roots.