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Sep 21 2019
Rugby Stud Workout + RIP Suzanne Whang + Trump's Impeachable Offense + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Human sculpture.

BELOW: Keep reading for Jonathan Van Ness's latest coming-out, Trump's impeachable offense #4,352 and more ...

Player-image.phpChris me deadly! (Image via player headshot)

ATTITUDE: Chris Robshaw shows you how to get a hot rugby bod. (Not HIS, sadly.)

NYT: RIP to House Hunters host Suzanne Whang.

JonathanVanNess-superJumboMore of them to love (Image via HarperOne)

EXTRATV: Queer Eye breakout star Jonathan Van Ness, 32, opens up about discovering he was HIV positive at 25, kicking meth and being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse in his new memoir Over the Top: A Raw Journey of Self-Love.

HUFF POST: Trump's alleged threat that he would withhold aid to Ukraine if they didn't help investigate Joe Biden in order to discredit him could be the brazenly corrupt move (one outta many!) that takes him down. Even Kellyanne Conway's hubby says it would be impeachable.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Garner Minshew stretches in nothing but a jockstrap pre-game, so THIS news is NOT surprising.

TOWLEROAD: Kiss away the pain — couple smooches in front of street preachers, pic goes viral: