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Oct 02 2019
Bernie Sanders Suffers Artery Blockage, Cancels Events Until Further Notice Comments (0)

Perhaps unfairly, Bernie Sanders is making the case against older presidential nominees — the 78-year-old candidate suffered chest pains and had to undergo a heart procedure; he is off the campaign trail for the forseeable future.

In a statement, his campaign said

During a campaign event yesterday evening, Sen. Sanders experienced some chest discomfort. Following medical evaluation and testing he was found to have a blockage in one artery and two stents were successfully inserted.

This doesn't sound tremendously serious, but it will ramp up talk about him and probably Biden being too old not to fail. I don't 100% agree with age being a deciding factor, but I think it is a consideration. Once in office, who cares? If your president dies, you have a veep of the same party waiting. But I have been worried about a frontrunner like Biden getting the nomination and then, in the months immediately before the election, stroking out or something — and then what happens?

I hope Bernie recovers well. I would still, obviously vote for him with two stents over Trump.

Hillary and Chelsea were on The View as the news broke, and were quick to send Bernie their wishes for a speedy recovery. Future POTUS Chelsea went on to praise Sanders for going to a doctor immediately: