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Oct 31 2019
Fleshback: Michael Landon Comments (0)

More HERE — follows appreciated!

Sports Fans Continue To Turn On Trump: WE GOT SOME ASSHOLE IN THE F*CKIN' WHITE HOUSE! Comments (0)


ROCKETMAN Flies Back Into The Closet + Ha-Ha!-HALLOWEEN + Obama Cancels Cancel Culture + Eminem's Gay Rap + Trump Nominee Bawls + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Happy Halloween from pre-Madonna.

BELOW: Keep reading for Delta Airlines censoring Rocketman, Barack Obama canceling call-out culture, Eminem gaybaiting, a Trump nominee crying his eyes out and more ...

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Oct 30 2019
You're Welcome: Terry Miller In Tom Of Finland Comments (0)

011_CultureEdit_0919_shot_21_low(Images by Colin Patrick Smith for CULTUREEDIT/Tom of Finland Store)

The F/W '19/'20 collections from the Tom of Finland Store, shot by Colin Patrick Smith, are brought to visceral life by Terry Miller.


They include work from queer designers Walter Van Beirendonck, Bernhard Willhelm, Lazoschmidl and Comme des Garçons.



WELL worth a look ...

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Fleshback: Harry Hamlin Comments (0)

Nobody hotter, at one point, than this guy. Follow Gr8erDays here for more.

#Persist: Two Little Movies That Could, And Have Comments (0)

Cubby-2019-Movie-Poster-1(Image via Breaking Glass)

Last week, I made time to see not one but two NYC-oriented films, each offering unique portraits of the city, and unique storytelling that left me struggling to think of comparables. For that reason alone — I always give points to the nonformulaic —you should try to see Cubby, the debut feature by Mark Blane, and Downtown 81, a fairy-tale-like feature shot in 1980-1981 and recently restored for release by Metrograph Pictures.

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You're Welcome: Steve Grand Comments (0)

Whenever I post a pic of Steve Grand, some unoriginal naysayer oh-so-uncleverly comments that they thought Steve didn't want to be objectified, or snarkily says he should be focusing on music exclusively (you know, because Madonna, Rihanna, Ricky Martin, Beyoncé, they don't ever pose sexily).

But looks like Steve is laughing all the way to the spank bank.

Golly, Gio! + Baseballer's Booty Stretch + Epstein Murdered? + Dave Rubin's Illogical Wildfire Observations + Vindman Testifies Against Trump + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: That picture is strictly to recognize Halloween this week.

BELOW: Keep reading for a birthday boy blowing, Vindman's damning Trump testimony, a baseballer's stretched out booty and more ...

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