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Oct 15 2019
Interview With A Vivendi Model: Manuel Hoyas Rodriguez Comments (0)

Image014(Image by Andrés Moca for Modus Vivendi)

Recently, I ran images from Modus Vivendi's Camo Marine Line. Now, MV has kindly provided this meaty Q&A with model Manuel Hoya Rodriguez ...

Best and toughest part of being a model?
The best part of being a model is traveling and knowing many cities; the worst is being away from your family and loved ones.

Wearing Modus Vivendi how it makes you feel?
It makes me feel special, it is one of my favorite brands and I bet all for it.

What genre of music best describes you?
I like several types of music genre, but I love pop.

Beside fashion, do you have any special talents or hobbies?
I love photography.

How often do you work out? Any dietary secret for us?
5 times a week I go to the gym and do boxing, the key is to eat healthy and be intense.

What your favorite type of underwear? Which MV piece you love?
The Modus Vivendi slip is my favorite, in my closet you cannot miss.

What’s your life moto?
I am a student and worker at the same time.

How is street fashion in Madrid?
Street fashion is ripped jeans, wide T-shirt and boots.

Who or what inspires you?
I have many motivations, I like to be the best in everything I do and give good results to the brands that hire me.

Are you currently seeing someone? What do you value in a partner?
I currently live alone, I have my own house.